Mount Stirling

Mount Stirling is a giant granite outcrop which stands out imposingly amidst the central wheatbelt. If you get the chance to make it out to the eastern wheat and sheep towns to check out the wonderful spring wildflowers, make sure you make time to stretch your legs and climb Mount Stirling.

Climbing the rock is a great adventure for the fit and agile. The panoramic view from the summit makes the effort worthwhile. At the end of your walk, enjoy a picnic lunch using the wood barbecues and pleasant picnic area provided.

The rock is surrounded by wildlife sanctuaries containing the only known mainland population of brush tailed rock wallabies. Keep an eye out for these timid marsupials.

It is said that the huge rocks represent the coils of the giant serpent which was believed to dwell in the water holes.

Mount Stirling is 20 kilometres south of Kellerberrin, which is approximately three hours east of Perth.

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