Wildflower Hotspots

Where to see wildflowers in Australia's Golden Outback

For a strictly limited season you can view the world’s largest collection of wildflowers each spring in Australia’s Golden Outback.

Please Note: During wildflower season which typically runs from mid/late July to November, this wildflower page is regularly updated with wildflower information so be sure to check back regularly. This page was last updated on 25 July 2017.

Wildflowers are seasonal and exact varieties are dependent on prevailing weather and climatic conditions.

Hopetoun/Ravensthorpe and Fitzgerald Coast

Last updated 25 July 2017

Wildflower season has started early in the Fitzgerald Coast region!  With the abundant February rain and the warm start to winter, the 2017 wildflower season is going to be magnificent. You can now see the first of the many wildflowers:

Along South Coast Hwy (approx. 60-30km west of Ravensthorpe) and Ravensthorpe Hopetoun Road and Jerdacuttup Road.

Cauliflower Hakea are flowering prolifically and will be for the next month or so. A harsh, prickly rounded shrub up to 1.5m tall.  It is not noticeable until it flowers with its prolific, creamish flowers which cover the bush like a cauliflower.

Blue Flowered Hakea this a distinctive Hakea is the only one producing blue flowers.  Bushy shrub can be found along the roadside flowers are abundant this year, not always noticeable until you get close.

Pin Cushion Hakea are still flowering along the South Coast Highway between Fitzgerald, Ravensthorpe and Hopetoun.

Donkey Orchids, Green Hood and Hare Orchids are just starting to flower, they will be good for 3- 4 weeks. They can only be found when you go wondering into the bush.

Red Lechenaultia - a beautiful wreath style flower displaying mostly red flowers and some in pink.

There are a couple of places to stop on South Coast Highway with plenty of room to park the coach or caravan with some great bush to explore to see all of the above.

  • Where Fitzgerald Road meets the highway on the north side of the road 51km east Jerramungup 62km west of Ravensthorpe stop on the north side of highway where  Fitzgerald road meets the highway can also see the Fitzgerald School site.
  • Where West River Road meets the highway on the south side of the road, 42km west of Ravensthorpe, 72km east Jerramungup were West River road meets the highway stop on the south side of the highway.
  • Where Fence Road South and  Jerdacuttup Road meets the highway south of the road  there is a parking and information bay a great place to stop and look around. 


Hopetoun - Scarlet Banksia are flowering at Dunn Swamp  approx. 5km north of Hopetoun, it is also a good place to look out for orchids, scarlet banksia masses of Banksia are in profusion in and around Hopetoun.

Ravensthorpe Wildflower Show

The Fitzgerald Coast comes alive during the Ravensthorpe Wildflower Show, running from 10-23 September where you can view over 600 specimens on display.  For more information see #ravywildflowers and #fitzgeraldcoast


Central and Eastern Wheatbelt

Last updated 24 July 2017

Bruce Rockanywhere along Bruce Rock’s Wildflower Drive Trail. Specific for flowers at both these following sites are only 3-5km from town, great for a peep if staying at the caravan park and only a short drive to flora enjoyment:

  • In the railway reserve parallel to Hines Hill Road, in the first 1-2kms from the Bruce Rock-Merredin Road T-junction.
  • In the road verge bush area all around the Quarry Rd T-Junction with Bruce Rock-Merredin Road.
  • Belka West Road heading West and starting 2km West of the Hines Hill Road intersection (ie, going towards the Bruce Rock-Doodlakine Road.
  • Doodlakine Road all along intermittently from Jura Road T-Junction, heading North towards Doodlakine,  particularly at the area around the Belka West Road T-Junction – in the two Nature Reserves.
  • Jura Road all along from Bruce Rock-Merredin Road (at the East end) to Bruce Rock-Doodlakine Road, at the West end.
  • Orchids have started growing above ground so flowers perhaps 2-5 weeks’ time. 
  • Sundews have started growing, but now flowering as yet, perhaps in about 2 weeks' time.
  • Most abundant is the wattle... the low, shrubby version at this time. Some Bottle Brushes are just starting to bloom. Eucalypts (a mallee type) are flowering well, a gorgeous yellow, just like the Gum-nut kids from May Gibbs’s books, they have a fabulous cap about 1-1.5mm in diameter and their aroma is so unique & entrancing.


Southern Wheatbelt

Last updated 17 July 2017

Summer floods from earlier this year have brought an unseasonal early orchid event in the south west.

Around Hyden (Wave Rock) - Greenwood and Snail Orchirds now appearing.

Snail Orchid, Wave Rock, July 2017

Blue Hakea Fitzgerald Coast, July 2017. Photo courtesy of Jenny Biddulph/Ravensthorpe Wildflower Show

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