About the Golden Outback

Western Australia’s Golden Outback is a vast and surprisingly diverse region of outback Australia. Covering 54 per cent of WA, it stretches from the rugged red earth of Mt Augustus in the north of the Gascoyne-Murchison region to the sweeping snow-white beaches of Esperance and the South Coast.

At the very heart of Western Australia’s Golden Outback lies the modern mining hub of Kalgoorlie and the Goldfields, offering fascinating insights into the history and heritage of the wild gold rush days. And in the Wheatbelt to the west, picturesque rolling farmland is dotted with colourful rural townships.

Outback Tourism in WA

Australia's Golden Outback region provides diverse outback tourism opportunities and holiday destinations. The natural landscape is a dazzling display of outback plains, huge deserts and salt lakes, rugged rocky outcrops, wild woodland and some of the whitest beaches in the world. Spring time transforms the region with a rainbow of blooming Western Australian wildflowers. Australia's Golden Outback is home to the famous Wave Rock formations.

Click on the links below to watch some videos and see the amazing mix of nature, history and outback adventure, set against the dramatic blue skies, wide desert horizons, rolling farmland and wild coastal landscapes of Western Australia’s Golden Outback.

Walga Rock

Outback history and culture

The outback history of Western Australia (WA) shaped the future of the entire state - boasting a rich and unique Indigenous history, the Golden Outback is also the birth place of WA’s gold rush and pastoral farming industry. View more

Outback weather and climate

The weather and climate in Western Australia’s Golden Outback varies considerably as you travel across the different areas of the region - ensure that you and your vehicle are suitably prepared. View more

Outback flora and fauna

The animal and plant life of Western Australia’s Golden Outback is incredibly diverse - in the national parks, reserves and woodlands you can encounter everything from the iconic kangaroo to tiny, endangered marsupials. View more


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