Birds of the Golden Outback

The birds of Western Australia’s Golden Outback can be spotted soaring in the vast blue skies and flitting through the woodlands of this diverse region. Above the open plains of the Northern Goldfields, you’ll see the wedge-tailed eagle circling the skies in search of prey. Off the southern coast you’ll encounter Australian pelicans and majestic sea eagles. Roaming the roadsides are families of emus and playful galahs. And at dawn and dusk, the bush is alive with the calls of tiny finches, budgerigars and lorikeets.

Bird enthusiasts should head for Cape Arid National Park, near Esperance. The park is home to more than 160 bird species and walking trails provide good bird watching opportunities. Check out the Kangaroo and animal encounters page for more nature-based holiday experiences, or contact the local visitor centres for information about where to spot native birds of Western Australia’s Golden Outback.

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