Marine life of the Southern Coast

The marine life of Western Australia’s South Coast thrives in the nutrient-rich dazzling blue waters of the Southern Ocean. The coastal areas of Esperance, Hopetoun, Fitzgerald River National Park and the Recherche Archipelago are havens for the many types of marine mammals and fish species. Here you’ll find dolphins frolicking, sea lions at play or lazily sunbaking, and in late winter to early spring, you’ll catch the annual migration of majestic whales.

A good place to encounter these gentle giants of the deep is at Point Ann, in the beautiful Fitzgerald River National Park, where you can view southern right whales from a purpose-built viewing platform. In Esperance, you’ll also find a number of tour operators offering whale watching tours during the season.

If you’re a nature-lover or keen snorkeller, check out the Kangaroo and animal encounters and Diving and snorkelling pages to find out how you can experience the marine life of Western Australia’s Southern Coast.

Whale watching off the Southern Coast

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