Art, culture and history

Unique art, cutlure and historical attractions in Western Australia's Golden Outback attract visitors from all corners of the globe to this fascinating ancient land. The spiritual Indigenous rock art and unusual contemporary forms of the Antony Gormley sculptures will leave you awe-struck. While the eerie ghost towns and outback heritage trails will take you on an incredible journey back in time to discover the stories of bravery, hardship and fortune that shaped the Western Australia of today.

Start planning your own journey of discovery and check out the huge array of art, culture and historical attractions in Western Australia's Golden Outback.

Outback heritage trails

The outback heritage trails of Western Australia’s Golden Outback criss-cross the vast landscapes of the region, following in the tracks of the early pioneers along scenic outback roads and challenging four wheel drive tracks. View more

Art in the Golden Outback

Art in Western Australia’s Golden Outback can even be found in the most remote outback locations - you’ll encounter everything from contemporary works by local artisans to traditional Indigenous art and crafts. View more

Gormley Sculptures

The Antony Gormley sculptures at Lake Ballard form Australia’s largest world-class art site and are a must-see attraction for visitors to Western Australia’s Golden Outback. View more

Indigenous art

Indigenous art can be found throughout Western Australia’s Golden Outback - in many areas you’ll find cave walls adorned with the ancient art of early Aboriginal peoples. View more


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