Coastal adventures

Western Australia's Golden Outback coast is pure paradise for lovers of coastal adventures. With dazzling blue waters, incredible marine life and some of the whitest beaches in the world, this pristine environment provides the ideal backdrop for surfing, fishing, walking, swimming, snorkelling and diving.

Nature-lovers can enjoy close up encounters with the marine life of this picturesque coastline. Join a tour of the beautifully rugged islands that dot the coast, known as the Recherche Archipelago. Here, it's not unusual to spot sea lions swimming playfully in the waters or lazing on the rocks. You may also see dolphins bow riding and giant sea birds soaring in search of prey, while whales cruise around the islands in late winter and spring.

Many tours include a visit to Woody Island, an untouched reserve where you can enjoy peaceful and scenic nature walks or hit the water with your snorkel and mask or diving gear and explore the unique underwater world of the Southern Ocean.

Whether you wish to relax or indulge in action-packed coastal adventures, Western Australia’s Golden Outback coast is sure to offer a truly memorable holiday experience.

Twilight Beach

Beaches and islands

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Snorkelling Woody Island

Diving and snorkelling

South Coast and Esperance diving and snorkelling experiences offer enthusiasts and beginners alike the opportunity to explore the brilliant blue waters of the Southern Ocean. View more


Esperance fishing charters and the fishing spots of Western Australia's Southern Coast present a range of challenges for keen anglers – go deep sea fishing on a charter boat or try Tanker Jetty and Esperance beaches. View more


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