Nature and wildlife

Nature and wildlife experiences in Western Australia's Golden Outback are truly out of this world. From the soaring heights of Mount Augustus in the north and the deep blue waters of the Recherche Archipelago in the south, to the famous Wave Rock in the Wheatbelt region.

Nature’s calendar is full of unique and spectacular events, including the annual migration of whales, the nesting season for migratory and native birds and, of course, the bloom of brilliantly coloured Western Australian wildflowers in winter and spring.

The untouched wilderness of the region's national parks and reserves are also home to an incredibly diverse variety of plants and animal life. Here, you can encounter everything from tiny, endangered marsupials inhabiting woodlands, to birds and lizards thriving in the harsh deserts of the Australian Outback.

In the Murchison region you can view some of the oldest rock formations in the world – enormous boulders and ranges which have dominated the landscape since the beginning of time. Many of these rocks are the subject of fascinating Indigenous Dreamtime stories, and also provide the perfect vantage point for experiencing the spectacle of a real Australian outback sunset.

To help preserve this pristine environment for future generations, follow the principles of Leave no Trace. Check out the huge array of nature and wildlife experiences in Western Australia's Golden Outback below.

Wildflowers WA

Outback wildflowers

Western Australian wildflowers bloom in their billions after the winter rains and transform the beautifully rugged Golden Outback landscape into a brightly-coloured wonderland – follow a wildflower drive trail and marvel at over 12,000 wildflower species. View more

Kennedy Range

National parks and reserves

Australia's Golden Outback national parks and reserves are home to a dazzling diversity of wildflowers, animals and breathtaking landscapes – which is hardly surprising in a region that covers 54 per cent of the State. View more

kangaroo on beach

Kangaroo and animal encounters

Encounter the wild animals of Western Australia's Golden Outback, from kangaroos to tiny rare marcupials, living in their natural habitat of rugged southern shores and sweeping red plains. View more

Wave Rock and rock formations

Wave Rock is the most famous of rock formations in Western Australia's Golden Outback, but venture further into this ancient landscape and you'll discover a huge variety of stricking geological features. View more

Natures calendar

Nature's calendar Mother Nature was at her most creative when she came up with the natural wonderland in Western Australia’s View more


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