Outback walking trails

The outback walking trails in Western Australia’s Golden Outback are a must see during the wildflower season, from late July to November. Tracks and trails meander through delightful displays of colourful and unusual wildflower species that flourish in the region’s reserves and national parks. The climate is usually milder too, providing perfect walking conditions.

The climate in the Golden Outback is a key consideration for keen walkers. Temperatures range from extremes of hot and dry in the north, and cold over the winter months in the south. Take a look at the Outback weather and climate page to see the average temperatures at the time of your visit before planning to undertake any walks in the outback.

Contact the local visitor centre, visit the Trails WA website, or check out the Department of Parks and Wildlife website for more information about outback walking trails in Western Australia’s Golden Outback.


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