Mount Augustus and Upper Gascoyne

Gascoyne Junction, located within the Shire of Upper Gascoyne is the gateway to the magnificent Mount Augustus National Park and the Kennedy Range National Park in the Gascoyne-Murchison region of Western Australia’s Golden Outback.

Mt Augustus National Park

This geological giant or ‘inselberg’ (meaning island mountain) towering 715 metres above the surrounding landscape, is twice the height of Uluru and is visible from a distance of more than 160 kilometres. Its mighty form sprawls 14km long and up to 5km wide. The majority rock type of sandstone is estimated to be 1.6 billion years old – which is about three times older than the sandstone of Uluru.

Mt Augustus is known by the local Wadjari Aboriginal people as Burringurrah.

You can experience this island mountain’s mystical nature on a 49km drive around its base. On this drive, there’s seven day-use sites which include lookouts, gorges and several sites that are home to ancient Aboriginal artwork. There’s walk trails at each day-use site. These range from a short 250m trail to one, two or three hour hikes or the epic six-seven hour, 12km return hike to the summit.

Head out to Emu Hill Lookout at sunset for spectacular photo opportunities.

Kennedy Range National Park

Scenic gorges and a vast plateau some 75km long and 25km wide are waiting to be explored in the Kennedy Range National Park. Enjoy a real outback wilderness experience and camp beneath the grand sandstone cliffs of the Kennedy Range.

Observe marine fossils in the sedimentary sandstone of the range – a reminder that about 250 million years ago, the Gascoyne region was a shallow ocean basin off the edge of the ancient Australian continent.

Kennedy Range is known by the local Ingarrda Aboriginal language group as Mundatharrda.

The cooler months from May to September are the best months to visit. After good winter rains you can expect a spectacular wildflower display in August and September.

Gascoyne Junction

At the point where the Lyons and Gascoyne Rivers meet sits Gascoyne Junction, two hours' drive east of Carnarvon. First proposed as a town site in 1897, today it’s a centre for pastoral and mining activities.

Visit the Shire of Upper Gascoyne website at for more information about the Gascoyne-Murchison region of Western Australia’s Golden Outback, or visit the ‘Explore Parks WA’ website for information on Kennedy Range National Park and Mount Augustus National Park.

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