Agnew and Leinster

Agnew and Leinster are situated just 20 minutes’ drive from each other in the north of Western Australia’s Golden Outback.


This small historic gold rush town once had a population of 500 and all that remains today is the Agnew Hotel. The traditional outback pub was built in 1945 among what was once a row of shops. Recently restored, it provides meals, accommodation and real country hospitality. Nearby stand the head frame and large dumps from the old East Murchison United gold mine. Those interested in Australian gold rush history will appreciate an overnight stay in the historic 'country hotel'.


Often referred to as ‘the home of the wedge-tailed eagle’, the countryside around Leinster is also inhabited by kangaroos and emus and dotted with many interesting rock formations to the east. The town itself provides community services for the nearby mine site, and while the mine is not open to visitors, the shops and service station welcome travellers.

For more information, contact the Leonora Visitor Centre by emailing or take a look at Agnew and Leinster accommodation and attractions pages.

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