Wheatbelt and Wave Rock

The Western Australian Wheatbelt is home to the world-famous Wave Rock, as well as character townships, miles of golden fields, charming rural farms and great outback self-drive adventures. Being only a short drive of Perth, it’s no wonder this is such a popular family holiday destination.

Experience the very best of the region’s country charm and rich pioneering history by visiting the character outback pubs, exploring the quaint main streets and meeting the friendly locals of the towns.  And to make your Western Australian Wheatbelt holiday complete, stay at one of the many farm stays, where your children can cuddle the cute farmyard animals and you will enjoy good home-cooked food and deliciously fresh local produce, from wines and preserves to olive oil and yabbies.

Wave Rock, near Hyden is the most recognised tourist attraction in the region – an amazing rock formation stretching 100 metres and standing 15 metres high in the shape of a giant wave about to crash over the surrounding bush. Beautiful granite rock formations can also be found in the northern Wheatbelt. In fact Westonia features its own giant wave rock – Elachbutting. You’ll also find the white hidden valley of Chiddarcooping also at Westonia, Uberin Rock at Dowerin and Buckley’s Breakaway at Kulin.

Nature-lovers will also enjoy the West Australian Wheatbelt’s Dryandra Woodland. One of Western Australia’s most important areas for wildlife preservation, it is home to numbats, tammar wallabies, brushtail possums, kangaroos and tawny frogmouth owls. And from June to early November the Wheatbelt offers another great natural attraction with a dazzling display of Western Australian wildflowers, from carpets of everlastings to unique wreath flowers.

Explore the four regions and start planning your very own Western Australian Wheatbelt experience.

Central Wheatbelt wildflower

Central Wheatbelt

Wander the Central Wheatbelt region along Pioneers’ Pathway or the Golden Pipeline Heritage Trail and take in the expansive farmland vistas of this historical rural region. View more

Elacbutting Rock

North East Wheatbelt

The North East Wheatbelt of Western Australia is a land of striking contrasts, with open farmlands, rust-red granite outcrops, salt lake views and numerous nature reserves. View more

Wave Rock

Pathways to Wave Rock

Wave Rock is one of Australia’s best known icons, and as you make the pilgrimage to this impressive feat of nature, you can explore the changing rural landscapes and charming farming communities of the Wheatbelt. View more


Southern Wheatbelt

The Southern Wheatbelt region of Western Australia’s Golden Outback is renowned for its gentle rolling pastures, shimmering salt lakes, friendly rural wineries and wonderful displays of spring wildflowers. View more


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