Tammin is situated an easy 2 hours’ drive east of Perth, on the Great Eastern Highway and the famous Golden Pipeline Heritage Trail route.

Tammin was first settled in 1893 by John Packham with more settlers arriving in the 1900s. The town of Tammin was gazetted in 1899, taking its name from the Tammar, a small marsupial. The town continued to grow with the completion of the Goldfields Water Supply and the railway line to Kalgoorlie.

Tammin attractions

Tammin was the original site of the wells and dams used by Charles Hunt along his early exploration route. Hunts Well is a historical site located a few kilometres south of the town. 

Yorkrakine Rock - Located 25 kilometres north of Tammin on the Yorkrakine Road. It is a spectacular large granite outcrop surrounded by largely untouched Wheatbelt woodland. There is a well maintained access road to the base of the rock and picnic facilities, and a popular location to view birds.

The nearby Charles Gairdner Flora Reserve puts on an impressive display of colourful wildflowers and is well worth the detour during spring and winter.

For more information about local attractions, visit the Shire of Tammin website.

Outback Drive Routes

Golden Pipeline Heritage 3 days

Golden Pipeline trail

The Golden Pipeline Heritage Trail begins in the town
of Mundaring in the Perth Hills and follows the route of
the Golden Pipeline - built more than 100 years ago it is
still the longest fresh water pipeline on Earth. View more







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