The town of Cunderdin was first settled with the arrival of the railway in 1894. In 1901, the Goldfields Water Scheme reached the town, bringing with it an increase in population. View the original steam pump used during this bygone era at the Cunderdin Museum, which also houses a Tiger Moth aircraft, an original bush school, artefacts from the pioneering years and a display depicting the Meckering 1968 earthquake. The results of the earthquake can still be seen today, 11 kilometres from Meckering on the Quellington (York) Road.

Cunderdin Attractions

Cunderdin Museum

Museum The Museum is the central attraction to the Shire and many visitors comment that it is arguably one of the best rural Museums they have seen. Apart from the Pumping Station machinery and memorabilia, the large collection also includes indigenous district culture, agricultural industry, railways, Cunderdin training aircraft from World War 2, the original Quelagetting School, the Telegraph, Meckering earthquake simulator and much more. No visitor should miss the opportunity to experience the many displays offered which, together, weave a rich historical tapestry of the district’s heritage.

Cunderdin Hill Lookout

It appears quite inconspicuous, but it’s definitely worth taking the time to venture to the top of Cunderdin Hill (1km south of the main street). You’ll be greeted by 360-degree panoramic views of the town and surrounding farmland – a view that gives a real sense of the wide open spaces and big blue sky.

Ettamogah Pub

There’s one landmark you certainly won’t miss when you visit Cunderdin – the brightly coloured and rather distinctive Ettamogah Pub. Based on the well known comics of Ken Maynard – made famous by the Australian Post magazine - the pub is not only a novelty for tourists but an important central hub for residents in the Shire.

Bulgin Rock

Reserve Bulgin Rock, located on Collins Road is the perfect place to absorb the rolling landscape and it’s easy to see why it’s been a popular picnic spot for more than a century. Sitting amongst the sheoak woodland you’ll probably glimpse a variety of birds and, at the right time of year an abundance of colourful wildflowers including a beautiful display of orchids


Immerse yourself in our fascinating past by taking a trip to Youndegin (19km south of Cunderdin along the Cunderdin-Quairading Road, then left on the Goldfields Road), here you’ll find the original police outpost. Built from stone and mud with a thatched roof, the outpost’s answer to the modern day ‘lock-up’ was a nearby York Gum.


The name originates from a local Aboriginal language meaning ‘Place of water’ or ‘Moon on water’. The town formerly called Beebering was established in 1887 then renamed Meckering in 1897. Today, Meckering is probably best known for the devastating earthquake in October 1968 with many of the place of interests relating to this event. Meckering is still a vibrant and thriving country community, although with its relatively small population the town is resilient and achieves more than many areas twice its size.

Meckering Attractions

The Big Camera – Museum of Photography

It is impossible to miss this unique building on the Highway. An amazing history of photography is on display including a wonderful collection of earthquake images.

Meckering Earthquake Gazebo and Memorial Rose Garden

Explore the devastation of the 1968 Meckering earthquake firsthand at this impressive display which includes a section of the damaged railway line, a mangled piece of the Golden Pipeline, photographs, statistics and information. Take a stroll across the road to the beautiful memorial rose garden – a tribute to the dedication and hard work of many local volunteers.

Meckering Earthquake Farm Ruins

The Meckering earthquake registered 6.9 on the Richter Scale, crushing many of the town’s buildings and residential properties. ‘Salisbury’ – an old stone homestead built in 1904 – was flattened during the quake and a local family narrowly missed tragedy managing to locate their child amongst the rubble. The ruins give an eerie insight into the scale of the devastation experienced (2km north of Meckering, turn off Meckering to Goomalling Road).

Meckering Earthquake Preserved Fault Line

While only lasting 40 seconds, the Meckering earthquake had a lifetime impact on this small Wheatbelt town. Leaving a scar 32km long and in some parts up to 2m high, the earthquake literally tore open the earth. You can still see 1km of the fault line that’s been preserved for viewing (12km south of Meckering on York-Meckering Road).

For more information about local attractions, visit the Shire of Cunderdin website.

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