Bencubbin and Beacon

Bencubbin and Beacon are located three and a half hours' drive northeast of Perth in the centre of Western Australia’s North East Wheatbelt.


The name Bencubbin comes from an Aboriginal word for Mt Marshall.  The town of Bencubbin is the main centre of the Shire.  There are many original buildings in the town including the hotel, Sandalwood Shops, Bank of NSW, old Police station and Bencubbin school that were all built between 1911 and 1929.

Bencubbin attractions

  • Discovered in 1836, Marshall Rock provides 360 degree views of the surrounding productive cropping land, Lake McDermott, Bencubbin, Welbungin and Wiacubbing Hill.
  • 2 kilometres south of Marshall Rock, the Pergandes Sheep Yard and Homestead were constructed almost entirely from granite taken from nearby outcrops.
  • Take a trip back in time at the Pioneer Wells and imagine how families carted water from these wells for their livestock and for personal use, before the establishment of the water pipelines.
  • When good winter rains are experienced, the district blooms with wildflowers.  Between July and October experience the diverse range of flowers.
  • Check out the museum, located on Hammond Street in the historical police building.  Browse through the historical information collected from the Mt Marshall Region. You need to contact the Shire for access to the building.


Beacon has the great feature of being the farthest north-easterly town in the Wheatbelt.  As such, it is not a typical Wheatbelt location, adjacent to extensive native bushland and pastoral country.  There are numerous granite and other rock formations, many of which have been harnessed for the collection of rainwater.

Beacon attractions

  • Datjoin Rock is a unique rock formation located east of Beacon.  Also see Datjoin Well and picnic area at the location.
  • The Billiburning Rock reserve provides excellent views of farmland and pastoral country.  View a pioneer well and gnamma hole.
  • Beagleys Breakaway is an interesting rock formation dating back millions of years adjoining the Tampu Well Reserve.
  • Tampu and Datjion wells provide beautiful picnic spots in wildflower season.
  • Granite outcrops and remnant bushland provide excellent bird watching sites.
  • Visit the Beacon Museum located on Lindsay Street on the premises of the Old Beacon Bakehouse.

Visit the Shire of Mt Marshall's website for further information about Bencubbin and Beacon.

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