Wyalkatchem lies on Pioneers’ Pathway and part of the old Goldfields Track followed by prospectors to Kalgoorlie and now has RV friendly status. The first bulk wheat bins were built in the district and a 1936 Bin is preserved within a heritage listed railway precinct as an agricultural and transport museum in the town.

Wyalkatchem attractions

The two museums in town display the districts farming and pioneering heritage and a visit to Korrelocking Reserve for a picnic and walk trail is a must, particularly during the wildflower season. A leisurely drive or walk through the town will reveal heritage buildings and a unique memorial park. Three walk trails through bushland start at the north end of town.

The Heritage and Roses Festival is held over 3 days each October and the WA State Hang Gliding Championships are held each year in late January/ early February, the area is also popular with many hang gliders during the weekend.

Wyalkatchem accommodation

The Shire operates a caravan park with en-suite units. Also barracks style accommodation whilst the Hotel has rooms and Motel units. A bed and breakfast is also located in town.

For more information about Wyalkatchem, visit the local Shire website at www.wyalkatchem.wa.gov.au

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