Quairading is located about 170 kilometres east of Perth in Western Australia's wheat belt. The town derived its name from the Aboriginal word 'Kwirading', meaning the home of a small bush kangaroo.

Quairading attractions

The Quairading Community Nature Reserve covers 527 hectares of unique remnant vegetation that includes a diverse mixture of woodland forests and native shrubland. The open woodland areas of the Reserve have outstanding examples of wandoo, york and salmon gum forests that are unique to the Central Wheatbelt.

The Quairading District Heritage Trail starts in the townsite of Dangin and helps visitors gain insight into Quairading's early history.

Toapin Weir is an early example of a reticulated water system from a rock catchment being used for farm properties. Completed in 1912, the weir is still in use as a water supply.

Quairading accommodation

Hotel, motel and the Shire of Quairading Caravan Park accommodation is available.

For more information about Quarading accommodation and attractions, visit the Shire of Quairading website www.quairading.wa.gov.au

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