Coastal national parks

In the coastal national parks of Esperance and the South Coast, you can stand on the edge of granite cliffs overlooking miles of brilliant white beaches and an ocean of dazzling blues. And in the acres of heathlands that stretch behind you, you’ll find some of Australia’s most biodiverse natural landscapes. The setting is particularly stunning during the wildflower season, which runs from September to November.

Many of the parks boast scenic walking trails, often providing costal lookout points for spotting seabirds or whales on their annual migration. Check out the list below and discover the natural wonders of this beautifully rugged coastal region.

Cape Arid National Park

Cape Le Grand National Park

Esperance Lakes Nature Reserve

Eucla National Park

Fitzgerald River National Park

Frank Hann National Park

Peak Charles National Park

Stokes National Park

Woody Island Nature Reserve

In order to enter any of Western Australia's stunning national parks you will need to obtain a National Park Pass from the Department of  Parks and Wildlife. Visit
to find out more about passes and the coastal national parks of Esperance and the South Coast.


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