Hopetoun lies on the shores of the beautiful Mary Ann Haven on Western Australia’s Fitzgerald Coast, a 45-minute drive away from Ravensthorpe or seven and a half hours from Perth. Once a thriving port for the Phillips River Goldfields, today it’s a peaceful holiday destination with a string of pristine white beaches and the unspoilt wilderness of the Fitzgerald River National Park to the east.

Hopetoun attractions

  • Go bushwalking, camping and surfing at the nearby Fitzgerald River National Park, renowned for its rugged inland and coastal scenery and 1,800 species of wildflowers.
  • Try your luck at on-shore or off-shore fishing and check out the fishing competition held at Easter.
  • Spend the evening gazing at the magnificent night sky where the Southern Cross points its way across the Southern Ocean.
  • Follow the Southern Ocean Road east of Hopetoun to access breathtaking coastal lookouts and beaches with quiet pools for fishing or swimming, including Mason Bay and Starvation Bay.

Hopetoun walk trails and scenic drives

  • Hamersley Drive takes you through the Fitzgerald River National Park, passing grand coastal headlands, inlets, mountains, valleys and wildflowers. Optional side trips include East Mt Barren, Mylies Beach, Cave Point, Hamersley Inlet and Quoin Head.
  • Southern Ocean Road (72km or 93km) takes in spectacular coastal scenery, passing several lookouts and access points to beaches with quiet pools for fishing and bathing, including 2 Mile, 5 Mile, 12 Mile and Mason Bay Beaches and Starvation Bay Boat Harbour.
  • Beacon Hill lookout (3km) provides impressive views of Hopetoun, seascape, mountains and plain.
  • Phillips River (8km) offers a pleasant drive to a picnic spot on the Phillips River 2.5km north of Culham.
  • East Mount Barren has a moderate walk trail (3 hrs) taking in interesting rock formations, unique wildflowers and panoramic land and coastal views.
  • Sepucralis Hill Lookout (15 mins) gives you panoramic view of the Fitzgerald River National Park and Hamersley Inlet.
  • Railway Heritage Walk Trail – Hopetoun Trail Head Loop (14km) can be walked in sections with several entry and exit points. Pick up a trail map at The Deck.

Hopetoun accommodation and services

The town offers a range of accommodation options including a hotel, motel or caravan park with chalets, holiday cottages and several bed and breakfasts. Camping sites are also available within the Fitzgerald River National Park.

Restaurant and café-style dining is available, offering seafood, a la carte, counter meals, wood-fired pizzas, light refreshments and gourmet Italian ice cream.

Visit www.fitzgeraldcoast.com.au for more information about Hopetoun accommodation and attractions.

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