Australia’s Golden Outback and The Shire of Esperance are very excited to partner with The Brand Agency to develop a new Tourism Brand for Esperance. This new and engaging Esperance Tourism Brand will connect to both potential visitors and Esperance’s residents, foster local pride and will be worthy of showcasing one of the most loved and revered tourist destinations globally.

A further objective of the new tourism brand will be to galvanise the efforts of the tourism industry, community and stakeholders to develop desirable tourism and provide a halo effort for the whole of Esperance. Ultimately, it will have the ability to support the community’s economic, social, environmental and cultural aspirations.

More than just a logo, a tourism brand is an opportunity to get to the heart of what makes Esperance a special place to live and visit, and to communicate this through the stories we tell and the images we share. Through a process of discovery and engagement with the tourism industry, community, and stakeholders the purpose of this project is to create a tourism brand that represents the Esperance experience and appeals to visitors best suited to the Esperance experience and aligned with the destination’s objectives.

Brand Development Process:

Phase 1: Discovery: Desktop research, workshops, interviews, surveys.

Phase 2: Strategy: Analysis of discovery phase, design and draft brand strategy

Phase 3: Creative: Creative brief writing and creative development.

Phase 4: Consultation and Refinement: Presentations to key stakeholder groups for input, and co-creation workshop with community.

Phase 5: Final creative: Visual identity, guidelines, promotional film, print and digital templates and community toolkit.

Moving into FY24/25 the project will move to the implementation stage which will be led via a plan to ensure the brand is embedded into marketing material and stakeholders and community are supported with the information and tools to leverage the brand through their own initiatives.

Esperance Brand Launch

Save the date! Wednesday 21st of August (approx. 3-7pm)

For any queries, email: