Disconnecting. It’s a feeling of freedom, of liberation. It’s pulling the plug on a highly connected, overloaded, busy life and reconnecting with what’s important. The people you love. Nature. Stillness. You!

There’s no better place or time to disconnect than Esperance, especially in Autumn. The blues are just that bit bluer, the greens greener, the whites whiter and the sunsets even more epic. The air is still, the water calm. The summer crowds have left, and nature breathes a sigh of relief. You can feel it.

We’ve sent some of Australia’s biggest influencers to Esperance - the 12th most loved tourist destination in the world - to not gram about it! Because when you disconnect from your phones you reconnect more deeply with nature and each other. So, this Autumn get away from the crowds - follow your feet, not your feed, and join them.

Check out Rahnee & Zak's Esperance experiences below.

“The less people touch their phones the more Esperance will touch them.”

Ian Mickel, Shire President.

Esperance in Autumn

Milder Autumn temperatures make Esperance perfect for taking to the walking trails in one of the national parks nearby. Hop on a boat and go island hopping. Drop a line. Go beachcombing along endless beaches and see what the tide’s brought in. Go birdwatching at Stokes National Park or take to the skies for a scenic flight and get a bird’s eye view of the stunning palette nature has created for the coastline, from bush to brilliant blue ocean, clean white sand to pink lakes and rocky granite headlands.

Esperance - Kepa (water) Kurl (boomerang) is the Aboriginal name for the town of Esperance meaning, "where the water lies like a boomerang". It's a beachside beauty spot, where coastal parks await discovery and relaxation is the order of the day. It has been here a long time, and it’s not going anywhere. So take your time to get to know it. You’ll never forget it.


Esperance is a place you feel

Head to Lucky Bay and sink into what is officially Australia’s whitest sand with a bunch of friendly kangaroos for company. Regularly spotted sunning themselves on the squeaky-clean shore, the kangaroos are just some of the wildlife who call sprawling Cape Le Grand National Park home.

Tackle all or a section of the park’s 20-kilometre hiking trail, and spot hermit crabs, starfish, seals and dolphins along the coast. Enjoy an unforgettable sunrise or sunset experience as you view the Recherche Archipelago’s 110 sun-kissed islands from the summit of Frenchman Peak. Across the water, Hellfire Bay’s high dunes make for an idyllic picnic spot.

There are more waterside wonders to be uncovered along the stretch of shoreline just south of Esperance. Admire Twilight Beach’s iconic ‘rock with a hole’ and follow a winding staircase to discover the sheltered swimming spot of Blue Haven Beach. Meanwhile, surfers can tackle the reef breaks at West Beach, Fourth Beach or Observatory Beach, and fishing enthusiasts should cast a line at Bandy Creek Harbour.

Further afield, hundreds of native plant species flourish in Fitzgerald River National Park, where the rugged terrain is best explored in a four-wheel drive. Tour more awe-inspiring natural landscapes with a scenic flight over the stunning coastline and pink lakes, or join a whale-watching tour between June and October to see these gentle giants make their annual migration. Finally, catch a ferry to Woody Island and spend the night in idyllic isolation in a safari hut, with the sound of the waves lulling you to sleep.

Coastal National Parks

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