There are a couple of different walk trails you can undertake at Mount Augustus, with some trails requiring a moderate level of fitness, right up to more difficult and longer trails which should only be attempted by experienced bushwalkers and hikers. To find out more refer to the Department of Parks and Wildlife website. Ensure you have plenty of water, at least 4 litres per person, per day.

You may wish to set off for the Flintstone Rock Walk, for starters: this incredible little trail is only 500 metres, but takes you to a set of ancient Aboriginal petroglyphs (carvings in rock) – they’re hidden under a large slab of rock that bridges a creek; crawl underneath to spot them. A sign by the walk entrance will show you the way.

Mount Augustus is a monocline: a type of rock formation that leans, or ‘dips’ in a single direction. At 1700 million years old, it is three times older than Uluru and twice its size, making it the largest rock in the world – and today, you’re going to climb its peak. For the best experience, make sure you prepare a lunch and plenty of water the night before, and leave before dawn to make your way around the rock to the entrance of the Summit Trail. (Be sure to carry sun protection, too.) Classified as a Grade 4 walk (from a possible score of 5), the hike is a challenging six-hour return adventure – and well worth it. Along the way you’ll be greeted by impressive views and a beautifully clear silence punctuated only by bird song, with only two posted signs, and a chain of coloured dots to mark your path.

You’ll know when you’ve reached the peak by the hand-built rock cairn that greets you. Built by local Keith Moon and a band of his friends, it offers 360-degree views of the region from its top, along with the likelihood of your phone suddenly pinging, thanks to the odd bar of reception found up here. There’s a surprise waiting for you at the summit too, which we won’t spoil, other than to tell you to look for the picnic table. Enjoy a congratulatory sandwich while you sit; you’ve earned it! The rest of your day is yours to spend at leisure.