Australia’s Golden Outback is sparse; there are sprawling stations and vast, open fields as far as the eye can see. Townships — when you come across them — are quaint, sometimes barely even more than a general store and the local watering hole. This thinly spread population and lack of big-city infrastructure make the region one of the best in the world for stargazing.

Travel just a few minutes from one of the Golden Outback’s regional centres, and light pollution is little to none, creating optimal conditions for spotting constellations and galaxies. In fact, the Golden Outback is home to numerous Astrotourism Towns, which are dedicated to preserving Western Australia's night sky, offering observing sites and astrophotography hot spots for you to enjoy.

Astrotourism Towns


Observing Site: Hillman Siding

Astrophotography Hot Spot: Six Mile Cottage


Observing Site: The Waterhole

Astrophotography Hot Spot: The Plane


Observing Site: Car Park at Lake Grace Cemetery

Astrophotography Hot Spot: The Jam Patch


Observing Site: Narrogin Golf Club

Astrophotography Hot Spot: Yilliminning Rock


Observing Site: Wickepin Community Centre

Astrophotography Hot Spot: Lake Yealering


Observing Site: Wongan Hills Airport

Astrophotography Hot Spot: Lake Ninan