Take a detour to Australia’s Golden Outback, and discover the endless, awe-inspiring wild wonderness
of the Gascoyne Murchison region.

Indicate right, turn off the highway and hit the way less travelled. Journey long, straight ribbons of road through miles of rich, red earth. Discover abandoned gold towns, immerse yourself in ancient culture, meet authentic outback characters and form connections you’ll never forget. Get lost in infinite night skies, and wake to sunrises that will take your breath away.

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‘Up the coast’. It’s a great WA tradition. Hitting highway #1 and following the crowds travelling up the West Australian coastline. But why do what everyone else is doing – again? Take a detour and open your eyes and your mind to the endless wonder of Australia’s Golden Outback. The Gascoyne Murchison is nature at its finest, where you’ll experience extraordinary wildlife in its purest habitat, walking trails where you’ll feel like the only humans on earth, mind-blowing starry night skies, ancient landscapes and dreamlike dreamtime stories. Wherever you go, you’ll feel welcomed with true outback hospitality.

Recharge your spirit and renew your soul with a road trip in the Gascoyne Murchison. It’s a region waiting to be unearthed, but it isn’t in a hurry. This is ancient land, and it doesn’t matter if you have a week, a month or forever, there’s always something amazing to see and do.

Explore the region

Road Trip ahead

There’s something romantic about taking a road trip. The freedom. No rules, just endless roads leading to infinite horizons. Taking your time, because time doesn’t matter.

Take a road trip like no other to the Gascoyne Murchison region of Western Australia. You’ll weave your way past carpets of wildflowers through friendly country towns, explore fascinating historical sites and abandoned goldmines, and marvel at the world’s biggest rock, Mount Augustus.

Experience genuine outback hospitality

Make this an adventure to remember by staying at one of the many stations in the region. You’ll get a real taste of outback hospitality, along with a deeper understanding of the land you’re on. It doesn’t get much more authentically Australian than a station stay - you’ll meet those rare, unforgettable people that call the outback home, and make incredible connections that will stay with you forever. It’s more than just a bed for the night; your friendly hosts will welcome you onto their farms, cattle stations and homesteads for a taste of country life in Australia’s Golden Outback. We’ve put together all the tools and information you need for planning your next station stay, from Wooleen Station to Melangata, Nallan, Nalbarra and Gabyon stations. So start planning your authentic outback station stay now, and get ready to experience genuine outback hospitality!


Melangata Station Stay

Melangata Station is situated in the Yalgoo region of Western Australia between the Murchison and Midwest. The station has always been a sheep…


Wooleen Station

Wooleen Station is a working cattle station in the outback of Western Australia dedicated to landscape regeneration and conservation. Your hosts, the…

Your inspiration starts here

If you’re yearning for the freedom of an authentic road trip in Australia’s Golden Outback, this one is the real deal. So start planning your adventure now! Download the Gascoyne Murchison Holiday Planner for a comprehensive guide on places to go, where to stay, road trips, maps, travel tips and loads more.

Or simply start with browsing some interesting, useful articles on the region below.


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