AUGUST 31st 2024

Enjoy delicious outback beef, served with fresh local produce, in an extraordinary setting.

Showcasing the uniqueness of our local countryside and all it provides. Come take a close look at the rich pallet of the Mt Augustus county side with its massive ancient rock surrounded by a huge diversity of plant, animal and birdlife to realise the potential of this surprisingly rich country and appreciate how outback Australia can provide amazingly flavoursome beef.

Toast the beauty of the heart of the Gascoyne, the brilliance of local expertise and the art of Mother Nature. Sit back and watch the sunset then savour the rich flavour of outback beef under a starlit sky. Experience the skill of award-winning chef Stuart Laws who will brilliantly prepare scrumptious Aussie beef dishes accompanied with the best of local produce plus a mouth-watering dessert.

Guest speakers, fine food, great company. Come and enjoy this unique experience at the heart of the Gascoyne, Mt Augustus.

August 2024

  • Saturday 31st (6:00pm - 11:00pm)
Mt Augustus Tourist Park, Australia