Kalgoorlie-Boulder, or Kalgoorlie / Karlkurla as it is more commonly known, is the hub of the Western Australian Goldfields and the largest city in the Australian Outback. From wild beginnings as a gold rush town full of fortune-seekers, it has grown into a bustling twin city with a distinctive character.

Rich with history, heritage and complemented by a dynamic and cosmopolitan vibe, Kalgoorlie offers a unique adventure. And being just an hour’s flight or a day’s drive or train journey from Perth, it’s a popular tourist destination.

Kalgoorlie’s thriving days of glory began in 1893 when Irish prospectors Paddy Hannan, Tom Flanagan and Daniel Shea were travelling and forced to stop when one of their horses cast a shoe. During the halt in their journey, the men found 100 ounces of alluvial nuggets that led to one of Australia’s greatest gold rushes ever witnessed.

Kalgoorlie remains one of the most important mining areas in the world, with several large mining operations located in and around the City, including the huge Super Pit, so big it can be seen from space! You can even take a tour of the Super Pit with Kalgoorlie Tours and Charters on a mind-boggling Super Pit tour.

There is more than just gold that will send you rushing to Kalgoorlie

As rich in history as it is in gold, the city has an impressive array of heritage buildings, including the magnificent Kalgoorlie and Boulder Town Halls, as well as grand hotels, outback pubs, shop fronts and private homes. A visit to Hannans North Tourist Mine, the Goldfields War Museum and the Museum of the Goldfields will also offer a fascinating insight into the area’s colourful past. Kalgoorlie also has a vibrant arts community some of which include Heartwalk, a public art project in the heart of the CBD, and the Goldfields Arts Centre, a first-class arts experience that hosts live shows, conferences and exhibitions.

Beyond the city, eerie ghost towns tell the story of early gold prospecting dreams that have long been abandoned.

With an array of renowned events and must-see attractions, Kalgoorlie is definitely one city that deserves a ranking on your bucket list. For more information, and tour and accommodation bookings, visit the Kalgoorlie-Boulder Visitor Centre website www.kalgoorlietourism.com

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