Hyden is the closest town to Western Australia’s Wave Rock / Katter Kich and is a four-hour drive east of Perth, along the Brookton Highway. This world-famous rock is a granite cliff, standing 15 metres high, 110 metres long and shaped remarkably like a huge wave. Other interesting rock formations in the region include Hippo’s Yawn, Mulka’s Cave and The Humps.

Aboriginal Australians have inhabited the Hyden and Wave Rock region for many hundreds of years, and there are significant historic sites located here. Sandalwood cutters are believed to have been the first white men in the area, and farming began in 1922. The descendants of these early settlers still live here today, some of which play host to the 100,000-plus tourists who flock to the area every year.

Hyden attractions

  • Take a look at the Aboriginal rock art at Mulka’s Cave and The Humps.
  • View colourful carpets of Western Australian wildflowers from September to November.
  • Go bird watching and spot some of the 40 species of bird native to the area, from the tiny wren to the huge wedge-tailed eagle.
  • See the largest collection of lace in the southern hemisphere.
  • Visit the wildlife park, featuring koalas and rare white kangaroos.
  • Check out the pioneer museum, observatory or take a scenic flight.
  • Play a round at the picturesque 18-hole golf course (open winter and spring).
  • Enjoy Lake Magic at sunrise and sunset

Hyden accommodation and services

Hyden accommodation options range from stylish motels and cottages to a backpacker hostel and a caravan park offering onsite vans and camping sites.

The town also has a country club, bakeries, bistros, fine dining restaurants and cafes to suit every taste. The hotel serves meals and boasts a lovely beer garden with a swimming pool.

For more information about Hyden accommodation and attractions, including Wave Rock, visit the Shire of Kondinin website www.kondinin.wa.gov.au or take a look at www.waverock.com.au

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