Roll down the window and feel the fresh country air on your face as you cruise through the expansive Golden Outback. There is more to see by road here than in any other region in Western Australia, with no less than 25 Epic Road Trip itineraries to get you out and exploring.

Get a taste of the region on a short, 2-day jaunt through historic country towns, or embark on an unforgettable 14-day journey through outback plains and wild woodlands. Mount Augustus, Wave Rock, Lake Ballard, Gwalia Ghost Town, Lucky Bay, and the Pink Lakes; you can check all the iconic landmarks off along the way.

Esperance Road Trips


Road to Esperance

Esperance is an absolute haven of natural wonders. You’ll find an abundance of white-sand beaches, rugged national parks and the clearest ocean…

Dolphin Cove along the Great Ocean Drive 13

Great Ocean Drive

The Great Ocean Drive starts just a few kilometres from Esperance, so first of all grab a coffee at one of the town’s cafés and settle in to the…

Madura Pass panorama

Eyre Highway and the Nullarbor Plain

The Eyre Highway and the Nullarbor Plain offer one of the world's greatest road adventures. Travelling this expansive plain, you’ll experience the…

Detour to the Gascoyne-Murchison

Wind your way through the Wheatbelt

Get cultured through Kalgoorlie and Goldfields

Embark on a Wildflower Hunt