• Suggested Time: 9 Days.
  • Gascoyne Murchison Region

If you’re looking for a rugged, authentic outback escape, with some of the most renowned 4WD trails in the world, the Gascoyne Murchison needs to be on your bucket list.

The end point of this epic 9-day itinerary is Mount Augustus National Park, where the world's largest monolith reigns majestically – two-and-a-half times the size of Uluru. In season, the wildflowers steal the spotlight, painting the landscape with their vibrant colours and brilliant blooms.

From Perth, the scenery transforms into a endless display of canola fields, bursting with radiant sunshine-yellow blooms each August. As you venture deeper, the countryside becomes a living canvas adorned with wattle and wildflowers in Dalwallinu.

Continuing your expedition, the path leads to Paynes Find, named after the first person who struck gold here. The tiny town is centered around the roadhouse where you can order a massive President’s burger and sit outside by the giant gums. Arrive then in Mount Magnet, a tranquil gold mining town with grand outback pubs and a scenic backdrop of wildflowers in bloom.

In Cue, time seems to stand still amidst its heritage-listed streetscape, while Walga Rock unveils a treasure trove of ancient rock art and a captivating collection of wildflowers. The journey unfolds, revealing the golden tales of Meekatharra before reaching the pinnacle of awe at Mount Augustus. Witness the magnificent lightshow at dawn or dusk, accompanied by a symphony of wildflowers that adds a touch of ethereal beauty to this spiritual place.

In Gascoyne Junction and Kennedy Range National Park, you'll be greeted by a spectacular showcase of wildflowers in August. Find solace in the idyllic comforts of Wooleen Station, where nature's masterpieces are embraced within its vast acres. Conclude your adventure in Coalseam Conservation Park, immersing yourself in one last burst of wildflower enchantment in spring.

Road to the Rock

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