• Suggested Time: 3 days -
  • Northern Wheatbelt

This stunning wildflower route will take you from Dalwallinu through the stunning Northern Wheatbelt towns, finishing in coastal Geraldton.

Each spring, this country bursts into bloom (normally between late August and October) with ‘carpets’ of everlastings to through to petite orchards and the coveted wreath flower. Wildflowers displays are subject to seasonal variations and weather conditions so before heading out, we recommend you contact the relevant Visitor Centre for this region.

In Dalwallinu you'll be met with a huge variety of Wattle, delicate orchards and the elusive Wreath Flower. Following this you'll wind through locations such as Wubin, Buntine Rock, Latham and Caron Dam before calling into the Wheatbelt town of Perenjori where you're treated to carpets of Everlastings, unique and distinctive Wreath Flower as well as the bright orange Wild Pomegranate, bright Pink Native Foxgloves, many species of Orchids, Grevillea, Acacia, Purple Darwinia and Dampiera, Thriptomene and much more. There is so much to see and do in this area, such as Camel Soak, John Forrest Lookout and the Rothsay Heritage Trail. Ensure you drop by the visitor centre for wildflower updates.

More information on the Wildflower Way can be found at www.wildflowercountry.com.au or www.visitperenjori.com.au

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