Perenjori derives from the Aboriginal word “Perangery” meaning water hole. Perenjori is surrounded by a rich wheat and sheep area and is only a short distance from mining and station country.

Perenjori is in the heart of Western Australia's wildflower country and every spring the countryside is ablaze in colour. View endless vistas of pink, yellow and white everlastings from July to October, and be in awe of the unique Wreath Leschenaultia in September and October.

Perenjori is also renowned for its wide variety of rare native spring orchids. Founded in 1916, Perenjori offers a relaxed stop-over for travellers, whether at a powered site under shady trees or a self-contained chalet at the Perenjori Caravan Park. Have a coffee at the Wheatbean café or enjoy a meal and one on the wood at the historical Perenjori hotel, established in 1919.

Perenjori attractions

  • The Church of St Joseph is one of a significant collection of church buildings, including the St Francis Xavier Cathedral in Geraldton, designed and built by Monsignor John Hawes throughout the Midwest and Murchison. He is also responsible for several other buildings in the UK, USA and the Bahamas. Access to the church is currently restricted after damage from Tropical Cyclone Seroja.
  • Located in the heritage-listed Bank of NSW building, the Perenjori Tourist Centre and Pioneer Museum offers great information about the best wildflower and orchid locations and an impressive collection of historical memorabilia and is a great place to chat with one of the friendly local volunteers.
  • Follow the Rothsay Heritage Trail through pastoral and mining country to the John Forrest lookout, with impressive views across the countryside. A little further out is Rothsay townsite and abandoned mine, as well as historical gravesites and an abandoned Beryl mine.
  • Rail enthusiasts will not want to miss the heritage-listed Caron Coal Shute, bringing reminders of the golden age of steam locomotives. Follow the Caron Rail Trail to the railway dam.
  • Perenjori is famous for its wide selection of native birds. Apart from the many species of parrots, cockatoos and water birds, look out for honeyeaters, thornbills, babblers and fairy-wrens. Have a relaxing picnic at the impressive man-made lake at The Salmons.
  • Take a stroll along the Perenjori Heritage walk, throw a steak on the free gas BBQ, and while away the afternoon in the park and gazebo.

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