Norseman is nestled in the Heart of the Great Western Woodlands, a beautiful and biodiverse region which covers more than 16 million hectares – that’s twice the size of Tasmania and approximately the same size as England!

This historic town was founded in 1894 when prospector Laurie Sinclair and his horse Norseman literally stumbled across gold. The horse had a piece of gold bearing rock stuck in his hoof, which led to Laurie prospecting in the area. This sparked an interest in other people seeking their fortune, and another gold rush town was born.

There are many walking and driving trails around Norseman, and you’ll be treated to endless landscapes of eucalypts, shrubbery and rocky outcrops.

One of the most famous driving routes is the Dundas Coach Road Heritage Trail. This trail takes around 1-2 hours to complete and is on fully sealed roads.

The Dundas Coach Road Heritage Trail is an historic and fascinating loop trail, spread over 50km around Norseman. The trail features 10 key places of interest and each site features fascinating interpretive stories that help build a picture of life in the early years along the Coach Road.

This trail, which runs between Norseman and the site of the original township of Dundas, is easily done over a couple of hours and is a great way to explore a part of the beautiful Great Western Woodlands. In spring, this area is lush and alive with wildflowers. There are many picnic spots, walk trails and each point of interest has interpretive signage so you can learn more about the life and times of the hardy folk who flocked to the Dundas Goldfields during the gold rush.

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