• Suggested Time: 7 days.
  • Wheatbelt

The golden-hued Wheatbelt provides a visual, natural and cultural smorgasbord on this wildflower adventure covering 7 days and looping over 843 kilometres.

Splendorous spring wildflowers (September to November), extraordinary rock formations, bird-filled woodlands and ancient Aboriginal history illuminate your journey.

From Perth, roam into the picturesque Avon Valley and overnight in endearing Toodyay, with its colonial architecture, vineyards and wildflower-rich Pelham Reserve.

The famously tidy town of Wyalkatchem is next. On the way, check out Oak Park Reserve’s orchids, Goomalling’s historic vibes, Dowerin’s birdlife, and the floral displays running wild through Tin Dog Creek Trail and Namelcatchem Nature Reserve.

Granite outcrops, vivid wildflowers and woodland trails offer tempting detours as you pass Korrelocking Nature Reserve, Billyacatting Rock and Talgomine Reserve. Keep an eye out for "gnamma" holes – curious rock pools that were once valuable water sources for the local Aboriginal people.

Soak up some country hospitality with a night in Mukinbudin. Amble around Pioneer Botanical Walk and Weira Reserve for another wildflower fix - orchids, gimlets, mallee and wattle, set to a songbird soundtrack.

Towards Beacon and beyond, discover the soaring granite curves of Elachbutting Rock and Beringbooding Rock, both doing their best to impersonate famous Wave Rock. Pose for pictures at the balancing boulders of Billiburning Rock.

Koorda roses, orchids and tinsel lilies line the road to Koorda, where the town’s Heritage Trail pays homage to its pioneer legends. On the home run to Perth, wheat-coloured Wongan Hills serves up some final floral splendours along the Mount Matilda, Christmas Rock and Reynoldson Reserve walking trails.

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