The magnificent site of Elachbutting Rock near Westonia is home to various interesting caves and Aboriginal drawings. Discover the beauty of this imposing natural formation which has similar features to the well-known Wave Rock. Take the walk trail around the rock and enjoy the surrounding vegetation. Examine the nearby caves which have formed within the rock. Some of these caves have ancient Aboriginal drawings inside and are well worth exploring.

On the walk you will come across the Elachbutting Well, which was established by the early settlers to provide them with suitable drinking water. During spring the bushland explodes in glorious colour with the blossoming of wildflowers.

Elachbutting Rock is an hour’s drive north of Westonia and four hours northeast of Perth. There is a toilet and camping available at the rock. Remember to take plenty of food, water and anything else you may want for your trip out to the rock.


  • Carpark
  • Picnic Area
  • Public Toilet


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  • Aboriginal Culture
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