The Shire of Murchison in Western Australia’s Golden Outback is known as ‘The Shire with no town’. Home to just 15 people, it is surrounded by sprawling pastoral stations, abundant wildlife and carpets of wildflowers. It doesn’t get any more outback than this.

When travelling through the Murchison region you'll encounter welcoming station stays, breathtaking breakaways and shimmering river pools. Check out Errabidy Bluff, Bilung Pool and Wooramel River Gorges, the old stock well or Ballinyoo Bridge.

Murchison Settlement

Located 200 kilometres north of Mullewa, on the Carnarvon Mullewa Road, Murchison Settlement is the location of the Shire office, the Sports Club, the museum and the Oasis Roadhouse and Caravan Park. If you're heading to a meeting, polocrosse carnival, or any other major event in the Shire, chances are it will be held at Murchison Settlement.

Murchison accommodation

Accommodation is available at the Oasis Roadhouse and Caravan Park, which also provides essentials such as fuel, fast food and basic groceries. Or for a real outback experience book into a station stay like Wooleen Station.

Visit the Murchison Shire's website

Things to do around Murchison Settlement


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