Farming + Tourism = Agritourism

Agritourism is a type of experiential travel which connects people to product or produce, delivered on farming land through a direct “on farm” experience. It is growing around the world as more people seek out ways to connect with farmers and learn about food origins and food production. Conscious travellers are looking for ways to visit and explore rural areas while also learning more about sustainable farming practices and food provenance.

Agritourism is being embraced by rural communities as a way to diversify their income and social connections. It provides a way of attracting tourists into the area to learn more about the local culture, traditions, and environment. There are many avenues to move into the agritourism space:

  • Farm stay or station stay
  • Farm tours, experiences or demonstrations
  • Farm gate sales
  • Wineries, breweries and distilleries
  • Local produce tastings and sales
  • Pick your own produce

Benefits of Agritourism

There are many benefits to growing an agritourism business:

  • Creates a new income stream to protect against the dangers of a low yield season
  • Creates an opportunity for family members to remain on the farm and pursue tourism activities
  • Allows farmers to educate and share stories with visitors about farming and farm life
  • Create connections with visitors and the local community

Australia's Golden Outback (AGO) and Agritourism

Agriculture production makes up nearly half of AGO's land mass, making agritourism an ideal pathway to growing tourism in the region.

In June 2023 AGO launched an Agritourism Strategy, with the following goals:

  • Agriculture and tourism industries that are connected and aligned
  • A sustainable agritourism sector that contributes to thriving regional communities
  • Thriving local communities that embrace tourism to support agriculture
  • Rich, immersive and unique visitor experiences that reflect our region, its people & land
  • Clear measurable outcomes that are shared regularly

The Strategy closely aligns with Australian Regional Tourism (ART)'s National Agritourism Framework which was released in October 2022. ART also launched toolkits for both farmers and local government authorities looking to grow into the agritourism space.

Agritourism Strategy

Toolkit for farmers
Toolkit for Local Governments

Case study - Mather Farm

How to get involved

If you are a farmer or local producer in the Golden Outback region you are invited to join our Agritourism Network to stay in the loop with agritourism projects and opportunities.

We are also looking for farmers to join our Agritourism Working Groups. The purpose of the groups is to identify existing and potential farmers interested in tourism and work on initiatives to grow the sector. There are four groups: Gascoyne Murchison, Northern Wheatbelt, Southern Wheatbelt and Esperance and the Fitzgerald Coast.

To sign up to AGO's Agritourism Network or to express you interest in one of the working groups please complete this form or email

Esperance Agritourism Workshop -

Learn how agritourism can create new income streams, preserve family legacies, and foster meaningful connections between producers and visitors. Discover the economic and social advantages of embracing agritourism and be inspired by some practical examples of agritourism products and experiences.

Event Details

Date & Location: To Be Confirmed.

Don't miss this opportunity to be part of the agritourism movement in Esperance. Join us at the Esperance Agritourism Workshop and let's explore the endless possibilities connecting food and people through tourism.

To register your interest in attending email Annabelle Hender: