Join Rennee, a Yinggarda woman, on a cultural tour of the Yingaarda lands and people.

Walk amongst the prehistoric landscapes of Mundatharrda (Kennedy Ranges) and hear the Ant Dreaming story connected to Honeycomb Gorge (Mingah Munda), a place of great spiritual significance to the Yinggarda people.

Explore unique land formations, ancient fossilised ocean beds, and hidden petroglyphs (rock carvings), and discover traces of ancestors in the markings they left behind.

Gather around a fire to hear about the Dawson's burrowing bees that are there seasonally and other cultural stories connected to Mundathurra. Then sit back and enjoy the clearest of night skies as the stars put on a spectacular show even take a look through her telescope.

Seasonal tours for wildflowers, stargazing bush medicine, foraging and bushfood experiences are also available.


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