Springtime in the Golden Outback is a fantastic time to pack up the car and head out into Road Trip Country.

Whether you're after a school holiday Spring road trip, a couple’s trip away or a last-minute adventure, here are a few of the best Spring road trips for you to start planning!

Golden Quest Discovery Trail

The Goldfields is a great place to visit in Spring, while the temperate is not too warm before the Summer months roll in. Although you may not see many wildflowers around this part of the region, it is a great time to hit the road and explore the extensive and extraordinary history and heritage of Kalgoorlie-Boulder and the rest of the Goldfields. Explore the gold rush history, open-cut gold mines, outback pubs, ghost towns and salt lakes along this 6 day adventure loop known as the Golden Quest Discovery Trail. Check out our itinerary and purchase the guidebook from a local visitor centre en route to help plan your trip.

Norseman Heritage Trail

If you are heading to Norseman or nearby, put the Norseman Heritage Trail on your road trip list! The Dundas Coach Road Heritage Trail is a historic and fascinating loop trail, spread over 50km around Norseman. You’ll see 10 places of interest and each site features stories that help to build a picture of life in the early years of Norseman. The town is home to the world’s longest golf course, the Nullarbor Links, so make sure to play a few holes while you’re there!

Leonora Loop Trails

If you’re touring around the Goldfields, or even heading out on the Golden Quest Discovery Trail, why not add on the Leonora Loop Trails to your trip. The loop trails begin in Leonora towards the top of the Goldfields, which is rich in history and amazing stories of the gold rush era. Throw in some incredible natural attractions and you’ve got a pretty amazing outback location to explore! There are two trails that make up the loops, both with different themes. Purchase the guidebook from the Leonora Visitor Centre to find out more!

Public Silo Trail

One of our favourite Wheatbelt road trips is the Public Silo Trail. Explore this colourful route through the Wheatbelt and the Great Southern, following the route of silos that have been transformed into works of art with incredible painted murals and artwork on their sides. There are silos stretching from Northam to Albany, so spend as little or as little as you like out on the road finding the murals. Pair this with some incredible Wheatbelt wildflowers, and you’ve got yourself the perfect, colour spring adventure!

Golden Pipeline Heritage Trail

Spend 3 days journeying through the Wheatbelt and into Kalgoorlie-Boulder following the Golden Pipeline Heritage Trail. The trail celebrates one of the world’s greatest engineering marvels – a pipeline built 100 years ago to carry water from Mundaring Weir just outside Perth to Kalgoorlie-Boulder in the Goldfields. This adventure is full of historic gems and interesting stops as you watch the pipeline go by beside you. The Wheatbelt is alive with colour through the Spring, and as you travel through the central Wheatbelt you’ll see an abundance of wildflowers in September/October time!

The Wheatbelt Way

Take a trip through the incredible Northern Wheatbelt region along the Wheatbelt Way. This area boasts an extensive history, charming and friendly people, all located within a truly diverse Australian landscape. Explore the many rock formations of all shapes and sizes in the great Wheatbelt atmosphere. There are plenty of campsites and walking trails to explore while the weather is clear and not too hot!

Granite and Woodlands Discovery Trail

After some Winter rain and cooler weather, the southern countryside flourishes, especially the world’s greatest untouched temperate woodlands right here in the Wheatbelt! The Granite and Woodlands Discovery Trail stretches 300km from Hyden to Norseman and is an adventurous road trip through some remarkable landscapes. This beautiful and fascinating wilderness drive has 16 designated stopping places, and you’ll also find walk trails, picnic spots and camping areas. The perfect spot to discover this Spring!

Pathways to Wave Rock

A crowd favourite for Springtime is Wave Rock. Beat the Summer heat and flies and plan your road trip to Wave Rock with Pathways to Wave Rock. If you’re looking for a fun and action-packed itinerary to travel along in the Spring school holidays with the family, this is a great one for you. This 3-day journey through the Wheatbelt discovering changing landscapes, wildflowers, wineries, wide-open plains, Tin Horse highways, outback lakes, rock formations, and so much more!

Wildflower Way

One of (if not the best) routes to travel within Springtime and wildflower season is the Wildflower Way road trip. Western Australia is home to thousands of species of flowers, some found nowhere else on earth! Experience these along the 3-day journey from Perth through the Northern Wheatbelt, finishing on the coast in Geraldton, with an alternative route on the way back offering, even more, wildflower magic! Don’t forget to pull over and get a photo of the carpets of everlastings and the roadside wreath flowers!

The Holland Track

If it’s more of an Aussie adventure you're wanting before the Summer months arrive, then head out on The Holland Way and The John Holland Track. The track is a pioneering route created by John Holland through the rugged bushland and woodlands. Travel from Broomehill in the Wheatbelt to Coolgardie in the Goldfields for this exciting and fun 4WD experience, with two sections with different driving conditions. The track is remote but offers some amazing scenery, rock formations and salt lakes.