Australia’s Golden Outback is fortunate to contain some of nature’s most uniquely spectacular sites, unlike anywhere else in the world.

The Gascoyne-Murchison is no exception. It includes the incredible site of the monolithic Mt Augustus as well as the joyful wildflowers that blossom amongst the landscape of the bright red dirt. Pack your 4WD and come explore!

1. Visit the extraordinary Mt Augustus

This is one destination in the Gascoyne-Murchison that simply cannot be missed. Mount Augustus claims the title of the largest rock in the world! As it rises 715 metres above the surrounding alluvial plain, the rocky creeks, gorges and open plains support a large variety of vegetation and wildlife, it truly is a monolithic marvel of nature.

2. Stay at a station stay for true outback hospitality

As you travel through the Gascoyne-Murchison, you will drive through a lot of gorgeous station country. These stations offer unique tourism experiences for visitors and provide insight into what true outback life is! The station owners a widely known for providing a unique level of hospitality and accommodation, always encouraging their guests to feel right at home.

3. Experience carpets of everlasting wildflowers from late July to early September

The Gascoyne-Murchison has gained international attention throughout the years for its spectacular wildflowers, and rightly so. If the region experiences significant rainfall during the winter season, it leads to a complete transformation. From a landscape strewn in red dust, to an area blossoming with bursts of colour... the area becomes engulfed with wonderous iconic species of flora. You can't miss it!

4. Explore the exciting Outback Pathways self-drive routes

Here is an opportunity to explore the historic pathways of the red heart of Australia, with each of the three self-drive trails presenting roadside signage that can guide you along this sacred and ancient landscape. Some of these sites include a glimpse into life that once was, with wheel ruts of long-abandoned wool wagons, to abandoned gold townships, which crumbling buildings remain as a shadow of what they once were. These areas not only contain a lasting remanence of a prehistoric land, but that which holds Indigenous significance, a must-see!

5. Discover the awesome Kennedy Range National Park

This is a must for all those that love camping! Kennedy Range National Park offers wondrous areas to explore. Be sure to explore the gorges across the red rock landscape. They are surrounded by pristine wilderness. The sandstone cliffs make for the perfect place to see native animals and birds roaming across the vast plains. At night, you'll be treated to the best stargazing in the world (we stand by this statement!).

6. Visit Wiluna, start of the Canning Stock Route and Gunbarrel Highway

This friendly town is located 966 kilometres north of Perth, at the gateway of two of the most challenging four-wheel-drive trails in the world – Canning Stock Route (one of the most isolated tracks on earth) and Gun Barrel Highway (one of the most popular 4WD routes in Australia. There are very suitable accommodation options available at Wiluna before you continue or commence your journey, including hotel-motel accommodations, and a caravan park for those opting for a more authentic outback-style experience.

7. Take time to look at the million-star night sky in the Gascoyne-Murchison

There is a reason why this region has been chosen to host the world’s largest telescope. The Gascoyne-Murchison is unique in its location, providing a stargazing experience that is unparalleled to any other place on earth. The Square Kilometre Array (SKA) will help researchers and astronomers greatly in their pursuit to answer the unanswered questions about our universe. This region was primarily chosen due to its long-term sustainability and its low level of radiofrequency, providing the perfect place for researchers in Australia (in partnership with South Africa) to pursue this project. Come and see for yourself!

8. Explore the history of Outback towns

The Gascoyne-Murchison is rich with history, this is exhibited through the towns that are located within the region. Towns such as Cue, Meekatharra, Mount Magnet, Yalgoo, Payne’s Find are excellent places to explore. They all contains artefacts, relics and offer a glimpse of history.