Situated 250km north of Perth in the Northern Wheatbelt, Dalwallinu is the first town along the Wildflower Way, a route that stretches north to Geraldton and showcases beautiful outback wildflowers carpeting the countryside.

The wildflower season is from July to October, and during this time thousands of nature enthusiasts make the trip along the Way. Every September, Dalwallinu hosts the Wattle Week Festival to celebrate the wildflower season. A street parade, market day and cabaret are some of the festivities.

Dalwallinu has an interesting history. The first graziers in the district were Benedictine monks from New Norcia who shepherded sheep on vast pastoral leases taken up in the nineteenth century. However, European settlers arrived at Dalwallinu in 1907 with the ambition to develop the area into a wheat-growing region.

In 1909 the land was surveyed and in 1910 it was opened up for selection. The first crops were sown the same year. Pioneers in the area demonstrated tremendous strength and diligence as they endured basic living standards while they established their first crops. Towns formed along the railway line that was completed in 1914.

Previous to European settlement, the first known occupants of the land which now comprises the Shire of Dalwallinu were Aboriginal groups who had no strict boundaries, but used the area for hunting and gathering in the nomadic fashion.

The Badima people live in the northern tracts of the shire, while the Galamaia people occupy land throughout the shire and beyond.

Wildflower Way


The Wheatbelt town of Wubin is just 20 kilometres north of Dalwallinu and is the gateway to the pastoral country.

Drive into the pastoral country around Wubin during August and September to experience the seasonal wildflower display of everlastings that bloom following the winter rains. On the way look for the very unusual Leschenaultia Macrantha; a flower in the shape of a wreath, this can be viewed dependent on the season.

Six kilometres east of Wubin on the Great Northern Highway are Wubin Rocks which are well known as a local picnic area.

The Heritage Wheatbin Museum depicts Wubin's grain growing history through pictorial photos, with the emphasis on bulk handling and displaying the machinery involved in this farming revolution. The old wheatbin sits side by side with today's modern storage bins.

For more information about Dalwallinu and Wubin, visit the local Shire website

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Accommodation is available at the hotel/motel, bed and breakfasts, farm stay and caravan park.

For more information about Dalwallinu, visit the local Shire website

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