Is it a bird, is it a plane? No it’s a boat!

And a special boat at that! The Bluebird is a replica of the vessel Donald Campbell made world record history in at Lake Dumbleyung in 1964 by accomplishing his dream of breaking both land and water speed records in one year - a feat that has never been achieved before or since. What takes longer than two world speed records?? An ambitious community idea, years of planning, passion, blood sweat and tears to finally have our very unique Bluebird Replica & Interpretive Centre.

We won’t be stopping at this, with more information and exciting display additions to come to make this a MUST STOP| MUST SEE for travellers! Hand in hand with our Bluebird replica is one icon that has always been here, Lake Dumbleyung. It is the largest open lake in Western Australia’s southwest at 13km in length, 6.5km wide and may very well be the reason the “Dumbleyung” town name exists, thought to be derived from the Aboriginal word ‘Dambeling’ meaning large lake or sea. For the first time in decades the lake is filling, with skiing, boating, paddle boarding and kayaking already becoming popular attractions. If you aren't the adventurous type, you can’t miss a picnic at the Yacht Club, watching a sunrise or sunset over the lake or the panoramic photo opportunity at Pussycat Hill Lookout. After your inland sea experience, you will want to “stay the week” to explore our local walks, reserves, check out wildflowers, visit the Noongar Cultural Centre, get a little bit of pampering and so much more.

The journey continues toward Outback Kukerin via the centre of our universe, Historic Moulyinning Townsite. With an average population of 3, this little town is near untouched with the original school, hall and shop linked and accessed only by gravel roads – not many towns like this in Australia! If venturing down the gravel road doesn’t tickle your toes and results in rocks in your shoes, Outback Kukerin just 3km off the highway is the place to explore, stay, enjoy a massage, have a cold beverage, food or even visit a yabbie or emu farm! From the Outback to the Inland Sea, there is oodles to do and see!

STAY (Places to Stay)

The Shire of Dumbleyung has a range of accommodation to suit everyone! Get the “Outback Pub” experience at the Kukerin Hotel just a little off the beaten track, or take advantage of the Grande Olde Dumbleyung Inn by barely leaving the highway. If historical pubs aren’t your cuppa tea, for a more lavish country experience, Mary’s Farm Cottages are the ultimate in comfort and luxury with added bonuses of being modern, fully self-contained, wheelchair friendly and having the ability to cater for families and large groups. For a personal experience you can’t go past the cosy Taylor Street Bed & Breakfast, a hidden gem in the Dumbleyung townsite where you would be welcomed by a local pioneering family. If you still haven’t found the option that “floats your boat” check out our camping options at Dumbleyung Caravan Park, Kukerin Caravan Park and our “FREE” RV Camping Area at Stubbs Park in Dumbleyung.

EAT (Are you Hungry)

Are you as hungry as a Pink and Grey Galah? Grab a proper “Aussie Pub Meal” at Kukerin Hotel or the Grande Olde Dumbleyung Inn. For a bit of lunch tucker you can’t fly past takeaways from Dumbleyung Roadhouse with some yummy home-made pies, pizza or chips. Then “Along Came Henry” the CAFÉ at our Community Resource Centre, open weekdays where you can perch, relax, enjoy a coffee and something a little fancy to eat for breakfast and lunch. Prefer to cook your own Barbie (BBQ)? Visit the Kukerin General Store or the Dumbleyung General Store for all your grocery pickings. Not hungry anymore but want to try them all, just nest for the night and continue eating your way through the shire tomorrow!

For more information about Dumbleyung visit the shire's website

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