Big Bell Ghost Town, near Cue, was once a hive of activity when the Big Bell Mine was in operation in the early 1900s.

The town of Big Bell was established in 1936 with the opening of the Big Bell Gold Mine. The town and mine thrived for almost 20 years before finally closing its doors in 1955. Wander through the derelict town to envisage how life would have been, and get a sense the opulence that once graced the former town of Big Bell.

Visit the magnificent ruins of the Big Bell Hotel which still looks impressive from its exterior. Wander through the shell of the building to see the remains of the bar which is said to have been the longest bar in Australia in its day.

Big Bell Ghost Town is a 25 minute drive west of the remote town of Cue, which is a 7 hour drive north of Perth. Whilst in Cue take some time to look at the numerous beautifully maintained heritage listed buildings. The extravagance epitomises the wealth of the town during the 1900s gold rush.

For more information about ghost towns, including Big Bell, read Australian Traveller's Intriguing WA Ghost Towns article.


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