Journey down a steep and winding staircase to find the beautiful Blue Haven Beach. Tucked away from the wind, with rock faces on either side, this is the perfect spot for swimming and sun baking on a sunny Esperance day. Depending on the tides, there can be limited beach available to set up on for the day, but the rocks are a perfect spot to lay on and soak up the sun.

Whilst taking a refreshing dip out in the bay, don’t forget to turn around and admire the rugged coastline. The rock faces and cliffs contrast beautifully against the blue water and white sand, reminding you of just how incredible these hidden beaches are.

Blue Haven is one of the many beaches along the Great Ocean Drive, which twists and turns alongside the coastline offering fantastic views and builds anticipation for that very first dip in Esperance’s beaches.

Tourists are advised to check for alerts and road/park closures before commencing their travel on and


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Blue Haven Beach, Esperance, 6450, Australia