Boorabbin National Park is located on the Great Eastern Highway and visitors pass through on their way from Perth to Kalgoorlie. Enjoy seeing the large and diverse Eucalypt woodlands and when in season the abundance of wildflowers.

Wildflowers that can be seen from the highway include Flame grevillea (Grevillea eriostachya), Grass leaf hakea (Hakea multilineata) and Roe’s featherflower (Verticordia roei). The three semi-arid banksia species: Swordfish banksia (Banksia elderiana), Inland banksia (Banksia audax) and the rare Lullfitz’s banksia (Banksia lullfitzii) are all present in the shrubby areas.

The park is named after the former Boorabbin townsite, the settlement was established in 1898 to provide water for steam locomotives going to and from the Goldfields. The town was named Boorabbin after the Aboriginal name of a rock on the edge of the park.


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