An intimate display from pre-settlement history to mining and modernity.

You will be greeted by a giant map that shows the location of Cue in relation to Wajarri, Badimia and Yugunga Nya Country.

Learn about the history of Thuwarri Thaa (Wilgie Mia), a Wajarri ochre mine which is Australia’s largest and deepest ochre mine, and one of the oldest mining sites in the world.

The exhibition presents an assortment of stories, from the highly unusual "One Machine Band" to the "What is that object?" The Centre uses e-Hive, a web-based cataloguing system, to provide more information about each item, which can be accessed by scanning the QR codes in the Centre.

Entry to the Cue Heritage Discovery Centre is through the Cue Visitor Centre.


  • Family
  • History & Heritage
72 Austin Street, Cue, 6640, Australia