Flintstone Rock Trail, located in the Mount Augustus National Park, Mount Augustus, or Burringurrah as it is known by the local Wajjari Aboriginal people and is about midway between the Great Northern and North West Coastal Highways. It is an Aboriginal art site that takes roughly 30 minutes to explore (including stops). The 500 metre return walk follows along a water-smoothed rock creek bed. Crawl under Flintstone Rock and gaze upwards, Aboriginal engravings will become increasingly visible.

It is also the departure point for The Summit Trail to the top of Mount Augustus. There are toilets and picnic tables for visitors and a number of trail options.

Mount Augustus can be climbed, but it’s a tough, 12 kilometre walk that takes about 6 hours and generally recommended for visitors with a high level of fitness. There’s no water at Mount Augustus, so make sure you carry at least 4 litres, per person day.

Mount Augustus is one of the most spectacular solitary peaks in the world. It rises 750 metres above a stony, red sand plain of arid scrubland - dominated by native plants and clearly visible from the air for more than 160 kilometres. The rock itself, which culminates in a small peak on a plateau, covers an area of 4,795 hectares and is two and a half times the size of Uluru.


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Flinstone - Beedoboondu Carpark, Mount Augustus National Park, East Lyons River, 6705, Australia