Walga Rock is a huge monolith, where you can see the largest gallery of Aboriginal rock paintings in Western Australia. Explore the large cave within the rock, which contains a range of paintings including pictures that are said to be of ships that visited the Western Australian coast in the 17th century.

At 5 kilometres in diameter and 1.5 kilometres in length, it is the second largest monolith in Australia. Take the time to make the easy climb to the top, where you will find that the views are well worth the effort.

Ponder on the origins of the painting of the mysterious sailing ship and accompanying text which is thought to resemble Arabic script. The origin of the painting is unknown; one theory is that it was done by a Dutch sailor shipwrecked on the coast who was looked after by Aborigines, another theory is that it was done by an Afghan camel guide.

Walga Rock is located 48 kilometres west of Cue, which is an 8 hour drive north east of Perth.


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