The Antony Gormley sculptures at Lake Ballard form Australia’s largest world-class art site and are a must-see attraction for visitors to Western Australia’s Golden Outback.

The world renowned British artist, Antony Gormley, has fused nature and art in a striking display of 51 stark black steel sculptures scattered across seven square kilometres of the vast, flat salt lake. As you approach, the sculptures appear ghostlike on the horizon, shimmering like mirages in the heat.

The sculptures are located one and a half hours’ drive north of Kalgoorlie, and 55 kilometres from the outback town of Menzies. You can also reach the site by following the Golden Quest Discovery Trail and trace the history of some of Australia's greatest explorers along the way.

Visit the Antony Gormley website for more details about the striking sculptures at Lake Ballard, or for more of Antony's other works and exhibitions, visit Artsy's Antony Gormley.