The Granites are a significant Aboriginal rock art site, 7 kilometres north of Mount Magnet. It is a place of strong cultural significance to the Badimia tribe. Take the opportunity to view striking Aboriginal art which has been dated at 9,000 years old, and is scattered amongst the granite boulders.

The escarpment is about 15 metres high and is spread over several hectares. Allow plenty of time to explore the caves around the rocky outcrop and appreciate the proliferation of old carvings and paintings. The caves formed in the soft white granite have spectacular sculptured surfaces formed by the small curved quartz veins in the granite.

The Granites takes on an amazing aura in the twilight hours. Enjoy a leisurely sunset picnic and soak up the sacred atmosphere of this unique spot. There is also a “Gnamma” hole in the area known to a few local people, this is a traditional native well covered by a stone. Ceremonial and burial sites are also located within the area.

Mount Magnet is a 6.5 hour drive north east of Perth. If you plan to visit, please respect the cultural significance of the land and sites.


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