We’ve put together a list of the top 10 things to see and do around our Golden Outback region. Have you visited all of these? Or maybe you need to update your bucket list and plan some road trips throughout Road Trip Country!

Impressive Wave Rock

Located in the Wheatbelt town of Hyden, this gigantic rock formation stands 15 metres high and more than 100 metres long and was caused by erosion over the years. It makes for a great selfie spot, and a climb to the top will reveal incredible views of the surrounding landscape and bushlands. Extend your trip by embarking on a walking tour and camping overnight.

The extraordinary rainbow lakes

Located in the farming country of Esperance, the rainbow lakes can be all sorts of colours - pink, green, yellow and more. The lakes and country side changes with the season, so you never know what view you're going to get.

Only able to be seen from the air, book this amazing experience with Fly Esperance or HeliSpirit.

Kennedy Range National Park

The beautiful gorges and red rock landscape of the Kennedy Ranges is an adventurer’s paradise. Perfect for 4WDing, hiking, bushwalking, and surrounded by pristine wilderness. For the ultimate experience go on a cultural tour of the ranges. Finish the day camping under a sky full of stars after an epic day of exploring.

Lake Ballard's outdoor art gallery

The world-renowned artist Antony Gormley created Australia's largest outdoor art installation, with 51 steel statues scattered throughout the magnificent Lake Ballard in the Goldfields. This 7-kilometre Salt Lake turns pink in colour and gets sticky under your feet in the wetter months making for a fun adventure. Walk out to the hill to see some amazing views, then camp the night under a star-filled sky. For a truly unique experience see the lake from above on a scenic helicopter flight.

Walga Rock art

Only a short drive outside of Cue, you'll find Walga Rock. It is a huge monolith, where you can see the largest gallery of Aboriginal rock paintings in Western Australia. Explore the large cave within the rock, which contains a range of paintings including pictures that are said to be of ships that visited the Western Australian coast in the 17th century. On your way back to Cue stop in a Big Bell, a gold mine ghost town.

Kangaroos at Lucky Bay

Known for its white beach sands, beautiful blue ocean waters, and kangaroos basking in the sunshine, Lucky Bay is a must-visit in the Esperance region. Located within Cape Le Grand National Park, this bay offers camping facilities, as well as the nearby Frenchman Peak which is great for hiking enthusiasts. Drive your 4WD (or book a tour) onto the sand and set up for the perfect beach day.

Australia's Largest Rock - Burringurrah (Mount Augustus)

The Gascoyne Murchison region is home to the world's largest monocline, covering an area of 4,795 hectares of national park area. It is twice the size of Uluru, and its colours change from dusk 'til dawn from indigo to pink, orange and green. A hike to the summit (6-8 hours return hike) makes for some amazing photo opportunities and wildflower season is spectacular here too, but make sure you carry enough water (at least 4 litres per person, per day). Located a short distance from Burringurrah, Mt Augustus Tourist Park offers a place to stay for a night or two.

To find out more on the various walking trails around Mount Augustus refer to the Department of Parks and Wildlife website.

The Tin Horse Highway

One of the favourite highways throughout the Golden Outback is the Tin Horse Highway. A seriously entertaining drive for the whole family, the roadside is lined with various tin horses of all shapes, colours and sizes, covering a 15km drive. From the Wheatbelt town of Kulin through to Jilakin Rock, spot around 70 horses on display, and don't forget to pull over for some selfies!

Kalgoorlie's Massive Superpit

Stand beside Kalgoorlie’s Super Pit and gaze open-mouthed into one of the largest open-cut mines on Earth, and the biggest gold mine in Australia. Today, 900,000 ounces of gold are harvested here each year, making a running total of 50 million ounces and a hole stretching 3.7 kilometres long, 1.5 kilometres wide and around 480 metres deep. Take a guided Super Pit tour or look out for the blast times to watch mining in action!

Megasized art!

Completed in 2018, this permanent, open-air, truly PUBLIC ‘gallery’ links rural and coastal towns across Western Australia’s southern regions. This project between FORM WA and the CBH Group saw international artists painting these amazing murals on silos, and has now turned into an epic 5 day road trip.

Stargazing in the Golden Outback

You'll really find out how amazing the night sky is when you travel into the Golden Outback and camp under a sky full of stars like this. Astrotourism is becoming so popular throughout rural towns, that some are becoming designated Astrotourism towns. Grab your binoculars and telescopes and it's time to hit the road!

Experience a station stay

It doesn’t get much more authentically Australian than a Station Stay. It’s more than just a bed for the night - your friendly hosts welcome you onto their farms, cattle stations and homesteads for a taste of country life in Australia’s Golden Outback. Cattle stations and homesteads are scattered throughout the ruggedly beautiful plains of the Golden Outback and especially the northern Gascoyne Murchison. Accommodation ranges from luxury rooms in grand station homesteads to rustic shearing quarters and camping facilities on huge cattle stations.